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About us

“Hentai Games Land” is a website dedicated to give out information about old and new hentai game releases. We are hoping to build up a complete archive listing with nearly all the hentai games that exists out there.

We are NOT a piracy website. We do NOT support piracy of any kind; this website is made solely for the purpose of giving out information about hentai game releases, and hopefully help supporting indy game developers by giving them some extra advertising. Among the games we list there will be a fair amount of free games where you can download them directly from the creator’s website, so if you’re looking for free hentai games, you’ll still get a fair amount of value by visiting our site. If you are looking for pirated content of commercial games however, you have come to the wrong place. We know we can’t ask people to be decent, (this is the internet after all, if people choose to be assholes, there’s usually not much standing in their way of being one) but we would strongly advice people to support hentai game creators. We know for a fact that some creators are struggling with getting a decent income as it is, and they need all the support they can get.

WE’RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW HENTAI GAME NEWS, and if you’re a creator we’d love to give you some publicity about any new hentai game release you might have or are working on. Drop us a line by e-mail and let us know:

admin (*at*) hentaigamesland (*dot*) com

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